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Reach your tax, financial, & business goals faster


Small Business


We’ll not only prepare your tax returns. We'll also give you a written plan to STOP overpaying the IRS


Payroll & Bookkeeping

We have small business payroll and bookkeeping services to help you save time and money


New Business Formation

You could save thousands on your taxes. Forming your business could help put money towards your bottom line during tax time.

The TaxAssist Difference

Traditional Tax & Accounting Firms only do “historic” work. They do very little to help you improve your results in the future. They don’t know how to analyze your specific numbers to define what actions will actually lead to better results. Instead of speaking just once a year during tax season, or once a quarter to “reconcile your books” We’ll work with you year-round to:

  • Constantly define & adjust your specific priorities.

  • Identify your key numbers & indicators that impact those priorities.

  • Help you execute the specific actions to actually create more cash flow.

  • Automate your tax, accounting, & payroll work, so you can spend your time on what counts

Why Choose Us

We'll help you pay less tax & save time managing your financials.

Keeping more of the money you make can feel impossible when you don’t know what to do that will actually work.

Most people pay too much in tax and feel stressed about their money for 3 Critical Reasons:

  • They haven’t defined the unique financial or business outcomes that are their top priority in the next 12 months.

  • They don’t know which key numbers in their income & expenses reveal how to achieve their top priorities.

  • They don’t have someone they trust to help execute a defined action plan to make the right improvements.


Simple options so you can choose the perfect level of help you need

Reach your tax, financial, or business goals faster. Get the perfect level of help for your needs.

Start Up - New Business Incubator

Get your new business pumping out cash as soon as possible.

Starting at $1,595

(1-time fee)

Validate your business idea

Business Planning

Entity Structure Optimization

QuickBooks Training & Setup

Profit Accelerator

First Growth - Business Success

Help to achieve better results but you manage your accounting & payroll

Starting at $595


Year-round cash flow improvement process. We meet throughout the year to set priorities, analyze indicators & threats, and help you execute the specific actions that will improve your cash flow

We automatically take care of your personal & business taxes, IRS correspondence, & entity maintenance

You manage your monthly QB/Payroll

Scale - Business


Everything you need for better results in one simple monthly fee

Starting at $995


Year-round cash flow improvement process. We meet throughout the year to set priorities, analyze indicators & threats, and help you execute the specific actions that will improve your cash flow

All personal & business taxes, accounting, payroll, IRS correspondence, & entity maintenance is automatically taken care of by our team and technology

You receive the highest return on your investment possible because you have the most time left over to focus on growing your business



Faster progress towards your Goals. Streamlined Taxes + Strategic help

Starting at



Cashflow, Networth, & Withholding Analysis to ensure your paycheck is aligned with your goals.

Personal Threats checklist to ensure you’re paying the least amount of tax possible.

IRS Correspondence Assistance. Never have to stress about a letter from the IRS or State.

Pain-Free Tax Preparation & Filing

Year-Round Access to our expert team so you’ll always know you’re on the right track

How It Works

Easy 3 Step Process


1 - Discovery Call

We meet via zoom, or in our office, learn about each other, and see if it’s a good fit.


2 - Roadmap

We create a roadmap document to achieve the results most important to you in the next 12 months


3 - Onboarding

You pick a service package to match your business (Startup, First Growth, or Scale) - we onboard you and get to work!


What makes you different than traditional tax & accounting firms?

Traditional tax firms focus on historic work – they simply report to the IRS or state what has already happened in the past. We also handle your historic filing, but we focus our work on helping you achieve better results in the future. Because of this, we can help our clients pay the least amount of tax possible and make more progress toward their goals.

Will the Year-Round process work for me?

Yes. We’ve completed thousands of tax returns for hundreds of clients. We know exactly what strategies can have the most impact on your tax and financial numbers. Working together year-round will guarantee we can focus on the right things that can move closer to better cash flow and lower taxes. Our track record of happy clients speaks for itself.

How do I know which package is right for me?

We’ll make sure of it for you. During your fee discover call, we’ll identify your unique needs, and ensure you’re enrolled in the right package, at the right price.

When should I get started?

Right away. We have limited capacity throughout the year. The sooner you book a call, the sooner we can begin helping you save on taxes and implement a strategy for better results. Don’t wait.

How do I get started?

Just book a free discovery call.  We’ll create your Results Roadmap showing exactly how we’ll help you achieve your goals in the next 12 months before you ever pay us a penny.

We’ve got the expert insights your business needs.


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